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Black binder Clips,foldback clips 25mm


binder clip, or foldback clip , is easy  for binding paper sheets together. It makes paper removed quickly and easily, unlike the staple.when you solve many cases and a lot of ducuments need to be look , believe  that time binder clips is your best choice .


 Black binder clips divided two produce processing,one is plating and another is Oxi.owing to different countries and different using habitat,binder clips (foldback clips,bulldog clips,double clips)also divided two molds,one is standard(bigger size),another is smaller size.bigger size and plating is always exported to America ,Canada.....some north america countries, and small size and Oxi is always accepted by europe countries.


Gross Weight:17KGS 

Net Weight:15KGS

Package:12 pcs/box
           12 box/inner box
            20 inner box/carton
CBM:      48X22X36CM