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Dangerous stationery

publish time:2013/7/19 13:54:50

Go to school we every day touch with stationery, but you know that Looks  Gentlemen stationery is hidden danger !
       Dangerous one: stationery? Tool?

       Like most boys are exciting, adventurous, like a type of tool cool sir. Toy makers who is seizing boys this feature, stationery and tool skillfully blend together. Most often seen the boys in a "new pen" to write. This "new pen"with the general is not much difference, but became part of the blade tip. Although this is not very sharp blade, but there are also scratch the eyes and the risk of harming other students, I also go to the store privately asked the price of this pen, although the price of each store are different, but also in two yuan or so, it is not cheap! This pen is neither cheap, but also may hurt others or yourself, it is not worth . Suggest that students still do not buy the good!

       Risk II: "perfume" Toxic!

       I believe that many female students like to buy some "perfume stationery", special rubber such as perfume, perfume pencils. But you know  These "perfume stationery" But poisonous ! When you use this "perfume" stationery, there will be an fragrant taste, but at the same time, some toxic substances are invading your body . Before you put the scent sucked into the nose, it will also be sucked toxic substances. Perhaps not cause fatal injuries, but long-term use can cause dizziness, vomiting and other adverse symptoms. The female compatriots. Abandoned in the hands of "perfume stationery", so that no toxic substances and dangerous to be near you, to make them healthy guards to surrender!