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Stationery brand competition can be limited to the price

publish time:2013/7/16 9:55:25

It is no exaggeration to say that China's stationery products began to develop thorough "plagiarism" Foreign modern stationery industry , which also led to the Chinese stationery initial ten years, most companies have their own stationery brands  and mature service system, stationery market price war .

       In the past few years, small  office ssupplies workshop has price advantage to attract the attention of consumers.the long-term low-level stationery market competition and price wars, forming a stationary consumer market price-oriented. Although the low price often easier to catch consumers, but the often attracted many consumers dissatisfied. Small workshop in terms of quality stationery brought a lot of uncertainty consumers do not believe that many consumers choose the low prices

       Industry insiders said , stationery products are particularly vulnerable to price wars triggered the dispute, but very hard to resolve problems. Whether or overall quality stationery designs are difficult to meet current consumer pursuit of quality stationery products. From the long-term development perspective, "price war" cant not conducive to the sound development of the stationery market, and brand stationery will have a huge market potential for growth.