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Supermarket student stationery area should be located

publish time:2013/7/16 9:13:26

Erasers, there are tools, food series, fruit series, realistic shape, the structure can be split to a positive brand's creative eraser, for example, hamburger rubber, can be split into upper and lower two of bread, vegetables and meat in the middle of , fries eraser can be split into fries and wrapping paper, two pliers pliers rubber grip can be demolished. According to the survey, rubber products in the applicable age of majority in more than three years old, so lifelike rubber, it is difficult for parents to worry.

Look pen products, "competing to fight Yan" appearance to Brandi Sunny Doll Gel, for example, the cap for the sunny doll shape, but the body of a gel pen around 2CM long, 0.5CM wide plastic tag emblazoned with "T LOVY", which through a simple string wrapped around the sunny doll's neck, not only a security risk, the above is not suitable for use by students in English. And product labeling for age is more than three years old contradictions.

From the full flavor to the appearance of new exotic, there are parents questioned, so fancy stationery, so that children can really feel at ease to learn? And questioned as a selling point in the not to smell after the appearance is another marketing gimmick manufacturers. In addition, the district did not divide the supermarket stationery student supplies and non-school supplies, stationery is placed according to category, notebooks, pens often unsuitable for children to see or painting, I suggest the supermarket opened student stationery area.