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How to chang china's export situation of stationery industry

publish time:2013/6/15 10:13:44

China is largest country of office supplies stationery manufacturers and trader, stationery industry plays and important role in the national economy.Stationery industry as a pillar industry of China's exports,the functions are stimulating economic growth and addressing domestic employment, increase exports exchange.when facing great improve opportunities  also meet the hardly competitive.

Stationery industry faces global low-end chain, processing industry profit margins shrinking,trade friction increasing, the international financial crisis and the depreciation of the dollar weak ,the demand in export markets etc challenges; also facing resources, environment,  costs increaing and lower constraints on the international advanced level of productivity, and many other effection.

In such situation, the majority stationery firms  have also been the impact of these factors, so we must do a whole analysis and judgment to stationery industry.we must research how to keep increasing export  in the new enviroment., only do this way we can maintain and promote China's economy sustained and stable development.

First, ensuring the supply of raw material and energy, energy saving. Stationery manufacturing production and exports faces the short of  supply raw materials. As China's stationery manufacturing and export enterprises,  should establish and improve the production and circulation of raw materials.

Secondly, china should diversify export markets. Stationery export enterprise should actively explore new markets, not just confined to the current individual more attention to international market trend in timely.  on the basis of the existing market, exploring new markets, implementing diversification strategy.

Thirdly, optimize product structure, improve product value. With the development of science and technology, stationery has gradually shifted from labor-intensive industries to capital-and technology-intensive industries